A lot of the time in the creative world people don't talk about money- which adds to the intimidation factor for anyone looking to hire a creative agency for the first time!

Money and value are highly subjective and highly personal. I'm excited to talk about any project you'd like help with but also recognize that it's nice to have a starting point for what your ideas might cost you. 

There are two directions for commissioning work from me:

A Package

Using my knowledge and experience of what start ups need to get them looking fab in the real world and functioning seamlessly in the digital social landscape, I've created a selection of packages to suit most new businesses, blogs, and those in need of a brilliant personal brand.   


A Bespoke Brief

You have an idea of what you want but need the a creative mind to lead the way. This is a great option for those looking for a more comprehensive approach to the visual identity and functionality of their brand; and those that are looking to create a cohesive aesthetic persona across printed, digital, and tangible collateral.

If you have a very strict budget then a pre-made package is perfect. You'll know exactly what you're getting and how much it will cost. A Bespoke Brief will be created between us to ensure your every design, brand, and marketing need is met. A Bespoke Brief will be quoted based on the time and resources that the project will require to produce the perfect outcome.

One huge advantage to working with me is that I have a broad skill base across the creative spectrum; a one stop creative shop if you will! Rather than having to juggle relationships with a collection of individuals, or work with a much larger, more expensive agency, I can provide all the skills and services you need to get your start up looking brilliant, and the systems in place to get the message out.